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CAGE Code: 5 Reasons to Be Reduced to a Number Yet Again

About the CAGE Code – there can’t be four good reasons to get another number from the federal government, can there?

Of course not. There are five.

Are you thinking, do they really need another number? Couldn’t they just snatch the last four from my Social Security and dance around the firelight to their heart’s content? Does the government really need to reduce me to a number, once again?

CAGE Code: Five Reasons

Alas, there are five good reasons to obtain a CAGE Code (Commercial and Government Entity), one for each of the five digits – Uncle Sam uses it internally to identify contractors and specific facilities where work is being performed, from a laboratory in Newark to a landing strip in Nevada. Here are the five:

It’s the kind thing to do for a federal bureaucrat – They do work hard for you. And they use the CAGE Code to make it easier to identify and keep track of federal contractors.

The federal government can find you – Normally this might not be a good reason. But if the government is coming at you with a check and not an audit, it seems like a better deal.

CAGE Code: All the Fun That’s Fit to Print

Entertain neighbors at parties with your expertise in the differences between CAGE Codes and DUNS numbers – No it’s not just you. People mix them up all the time. Both numbers let the government know who you are, but they do so in different ways. Without doubt the people down the street will want to know all the details.

The big difference is that the nine-digit DUNS number is issued by a private company, Dun & Bradstreet. A contractor must contact D&B to register, either online or by phone. The process is not lengthy. The DUNS number allows the government to identify and keep track of a contractor by address, telephone, employee size, and other information.

The CAGE Code comes directly from the federal government. It is generated and assigned through the registration process for the Contractor Registration (CCR) database (now SAM).

In fact, you’ll knock your friends over with this delicious twist – You need to have a DUNS to join the CCR …. Therefore you need a DUNS to obtain a CAGE code! Wow!

Salute and perform your patriotic duty – The CAGE code originated with the Department of Defense, which has its own purchasing system known as DLA. The number has subsequently migrated to use in other agencies. Among DLA uses are facility clearance, a pre-award survey engineering rights, automated bidders lists, pay processes, source of supply, etc.

And the BIG ONE – a prime contractor needs a CAGE Code to conduct business with many federal agencies. That’s the thing. When it comes down to it, there only needs to be one good reason. And this is it.

If the raw excitement of the CAGE code hasn’t already reduced you to a puddle, and you are a contractor interested in finding the right federal opportunities, then please then please contact OppMetrix at 972-715-3300 or info@OppMetrix.com.