Why Search when you can OppMatchsm?

Match versus Search

Don't stop at search. OppMetrix matches search results to a company's strengths and interests, ranks them by fit to your profile, and learns from the choices you make. We start where others finish.

Adaptive Learning

Make your software even smarter than you. The breakthrough OppMatch adaptive learning capability learns your preferences as it goes. Ride on the dart tip of smart technology.

Time Saving

There's only so much sand in your hourglass. Use less sand looking for federal contracts and grants. Use more sand sharpening proposals and winning bids.

Fish less ... Catch More

Federal contracts and grants swim in crowded waters. The OppMatch system shows you the best place to drop your line.

Un-Complicate the Complicated

Billions of dollars. Thousands of projects. Hundreds of rules, dozens of agencies. One OppMatch system to master them all.

1,000 Hours in a Flash

Shrink the stack and grow your business! The OppMetrix forecast database boils down more than 100 federal agency forecasts into a ranked list of opportunities that match the strengths of your company.

We Start Where Others Finish

You want to win the right government contract or grant and spend less time and money in pursuit of the opportunity. We want to help shrink the stack of potential proposals and deliver the right opportunity to your electronic doorstep each day. We can assist businesses, both large and small, wade through the murky waters of the federal government contract and grant marketplace using the OppMatchsm software solution to:

  • Match – Some systems search federal databases by keywords or other limited criteria. OppMatch users build a powerful profile using NAICS codes, website analysis, selected category information, and other details that you provide. The system matches RFPs that fit the profile.
  • Rank – Most systems do not rank or do so based on qualities such as keyword hits or highest dollar value. OppMatch instantly creates a ranked list based on the match best suited to the strengths of your company. The right choice goes to the top of the pile.
  • Learn – Our adaptive learning technology analyzes your past choices, learns your preferences, and then uses that knowledge to locate stronger future matches. The more you use, the better you match.

This strong package can help a variety of organizations meet their specific needs. Choose the link in the Solutions tab above that best describes you. Learn how OppMatch can help.